Steph Brown - Singing Lessons Brighton


Brighton Singing Testimonials

Kev Minney (age 32 - guitar teacher)

Not only did Steph explain clearly to me proper use of breathing, pitching and dynamics with my singing, she also helped me with my songwriting. She has Inspired me and made me a better musician and is one of the reason why I regularly tour as a solo artist. Thank you Steph!

Bambi Goodman (age 21 - waitress)

When I went for my first singing lesson I was incredibly nervous. Steph made me feel immediately at ease. From the very first lesson I’ve felt like each lesson is improving my voice and helping me to achieve my aim to become a confident and professional vocalist

Simone Odaranile (age 23- Professional session drummer)

Being behind a kit all my life I’d always thought of developing my voice for backing vocals. I had no idea about harmonies or how to get an internal, automatic sense for them. We did a lot of ear training, agility and expanding my range – now I’m very happy to say I can provide an extra skill along with my drumming!

Matthew Wallis (age 54 – self employed entrepenuer)

Singing was something I didn’t really develop a passion for until I was much older. Getting over your 50’s and wanting to develop my voice completely from scratch was one of the most intimidating ambitions I felt I’d had. To be honest, at first I didn’t think it was possible! I saw Steph perform and was blown away. She mentioned she was a singing teacher and talking to her after the show, she convinced me to try. After only 4 months I feel my voice has developed dramatically and am no longer embarrassed to sing in front of family and friends. I now truly believe that everyone can learn to sing - no matter what age, or ability.